Eco Morning

With the achievement of being awarded Diamond-Bronze Eco-status in 2014, we at Kings always look for better ways to enhance our involvement in environmental projects and to seek new avenues to expose our learners to ways in which they can explore the amazing world of nature. There was no better and more exciting way we could have done this other than hosting an ECO-DAY.

The event took place on the 26th of March 2015 and it coincided with the end of term, which explains why learners were so energetic and excited to take part in the field activities. Mr. Kuhn, grade 6 and 7 collaborated on the first leg of the audio-visual project conducted by Dr Elsa Lee of the Cambridge Institute of Environmental Research to track and promote awareness of climate change due to global warming. The school is pursuing the project in partnership with another school in England called the Horning Primary School situated in the Broads. The image shows our first Skype meeting with the Horning school children.

The grade 4 & 5 classes embarked on fun-filled, hands-on activities in the plantation. As Ms. Eidin Griffin pulled into the school in her van, learners were already eagerly awaiting her arrival as they know exactly what she is synonymous with: Eco learning at its meaningful best!

Ms. Griffin and the two interns grouped learners and the first challenge was to build a nest big enough to house a human being. It was noise and activity as groups raced for the best “bark, wood and grass” to build the nest, never minding about dirt on clothes. Their little adventures on the way complemented the activity. Great works of creativity resulted from a task done with such enthusiasm.

The next, and biggest, task for the day was to build an insect ‘hotel’. The learners were up for the challenge and the hotel was assembled in no time with all the features of the “best holiday resort for our kreepy krawly friends. It was interesting to see the outcome of meticulous hands and minds as stones, grass, leaves, bamboo and rotten wood were arranged to build a circa 1,5 metre multi-storey hotel. Our grade 4 and 5 learners must be counting holidays away to come and see the who’s who of the invertebrate world that have checked into the resort. “1 Nature per person sharing bill…”