First Hockey Match Has An Amphibian Player!

On Saturday 3rd May, King’s went to Treverton to play a hockey match.  When we got there, the Treverton girls were warming up and practicing.  We also started warming up; we stretched, ran around the field and practiced long corners and push shots.

The match began and it was good.  Although the ball kept going to our goals, it was fun.  I spotted a frog on the field. I said nothing.  Funi had the ball and when she saw the frog, she screamed, but carried on playing!  Then an opposition player got the ball and when she saw the frog, she freaked out! So the ref picked up the frog and threw it off the field.

We had no goalie, but we stopped like 1000 000 goals!  The game was very hard.

I was proud of our team because we played well together. We nearly scored a couple of times, but their goalie kicked the balls out.  Overall, we lost the game 0-1, but the girls played excellently.

A big shout out to Mr Kuhn.  He is a good coach, a very good coach! And thank you to our assistant coach Mrs Mulder.

Kelcy Haines, Grade 6