Flying Feet as Girls Learn the Highland Fling

Laila Hudson is a student from Scotland who is spending her summer vacation at King’s.  She is studying literature and psychology at the University of Glasgow and aims to be a teacher or a child psychologist.  Her parents run a pottery in Tain.  Like any good Scots lass she can dance the Highland Fling and is teaching our senior girls this energetic form of movement.

Funiwe (Mac) Dyasi in Grade 6, reports on their first lesson:
At King’s School, we have a visitor from Scotland.  Her name is Miss Hudson and she teaches the girls Highland dancing.  It is quite hard when you first start, but it gets easier.  The first few steps we learned were the high cuts, paddy bars and the Highland fling.  The Highland fling is the most important part of the dance.  For Highland dancing, you need to be fit, active and flexible.

Miss Hudson is a wonderful teacher and the Highland dancing is fantastic! Unfortunately she is only here until the end of this term and we will miss her when she goes.  Thank you for teaching us, Miss Hudson.