Grade 6 and 7 Marimba Workshops

On the 10th of October, the grades 6 and 7 classes were treated to a Marimba workshop by Kaolin Wood. At 7:30 am a crowd of curious “bunnies” (grades 0-3) gathered around the delivery bakkie as strange objects were offloaded into the music room. Kaolin quickly assembled them into Marimbas which look like giant wooden xylophones.

In the workshop the children were divided into pairs and named according to the colour of the drumsticks they were issued with. Each pair was taught a different sequence of notes on different parts of their Marimbas. Within half an hour they were all playing discernible music together! By the end of the hour the school was resounding with Marimba melody accompanied by Kaolin on the Djedje drum.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their introduction to this new instrument and the experience of making music. We thank Kaolin for an inspiring workshop. May there be many more!