Mud, Fire, Food!

The enthusiastic children of Grade 6 had a marvelous day with Midlands Meander Education Project facilitator Fiona MacCrimmon recently when they built their own rocket stoves. Using clay and straw mixed into ‘cob’ and recycled bricks the children got stuck into making this muddy and useful economy cooker. A rocket stove is created by making a small aperture for a fire place and a chimney that a pot or kettle can be set on. With only a handful of twigs you can boil water or cook and the device saves water/electricity and trees by its simple design.

The children built two rocket stoves and tested them both. After this exciting and practical lesson everybody set about making home-made pizzas that were also cooked outside in a simple pizza oven made by Fiona. The pizza’s topping’s included herbs grown in the school gardens. The children are focusing next on building a permanent pizza oven at the Outdoor Classroom and planting crops of cherry tomatoes, basil and thyme for future topping’s! A morning filled with mud, fire and food has to be the most exciting type of learning around….
Today we were incredibly creative and made rocket stoves. I will NEVER forget this! Amahle Anele Dlamini