Visual Art at King’s

Nottingham Road artist, Peter Feek, teaches visual art at King’s two mornings a week.  He does this with skill, compassion and understanding.  The children respond well to his lessons and the progression of their artistic abilities under his tutelage is at times, quite astonishingly impactful.

Just look at these two samples of work – the first drawn in January by new Grade 1 learner, Xolani Sinyolo, and the second drawn in June by the same learner.  Well done, Peter and Xolani!

Michaelhouse Community Partnership Art Competition

The theme for the 2014 Art Competition was “Birds”.  For the month of September, the art room was a busy space and tables were papered with pictures of indigenous birds in various stages of creation. Mr Feek cajoled the children to finish their art work before the final judging. On 23rd September the awards were made.  Thabo Dlamini, Funi Dyasi and Luyanda Gumede came first in their age groups, whilst Siyanda Mchunu received a merit award. We are proud of our young artists and their teacher. Thank you to Michaelhouse for supporting the Arts in our community.


A gaggle of lost Egyptian Goslings paddle in the School Pool.

The grade 5s couldn’t believe their eyes when they discovered a little, fluffy cream and brown  Egyptian gosling declaiming plaintively in the amphitheatre. They called Mr Davis, who called Miss Mitchell, who caught it and then called the Grade 6s.  Where could this water bird have come from? The little webbed wanderer was settled into a box of leaves and the search for Mother Goose began.

On the Bunny Oval we sighted the anxious mother and decided to reunite the gosling with her if we could.  Round the swimming pool we crept, paused to check on the gosling and then Avela Ngubane drew our attention to the pool. Five more goslings were swimming in the pool! They were ducking and diving to keep out of sight, under water for minutes at a time, their furry feathers like silver wetsuits.

UniLever Finance Department get in touch with Earth

On the 17th of September, a group of 12 Unilever Financial people arrived at King’s armed with garden equipment, gloves, vegetable seedlings and much enthusiasm.  Part of a teambuilding exercise, they were accompanied by Ane and Mark of Granny Mouse.  They spent the morning preparing beds, transplanting and tidying the verges of the King’s food garden in our Outdoor Classroom. Now we are all set for a good crop of seasonal summer veggies.  Our thanks to the team, Granny Mouse and Eidin for their cheerfully willing assistance.